Art with pebbles, mussels and rapans!

Maria Maneva – Miriam and Engineer Maria Nikolova are among the guests of the morning program ” Good Morning” on Bulgarian National Television channel 2 . They are invited to share with the audience their art , which is sea shells . The idea is to show the audience what can be done with sea pebbles , mussels and shells . This is an activity in which you need to have much patience and imagination. Both ladies use the same materials yet their works are so different . The style of each artist is evident. No repetition, only uniqueness. One can only admire their zeal and their creative energy. A mere pastime for them, pleasure is taken in collecting the materials themselves on the shores of seas and rivers, relaxing in nature. Maria Nikolova shared the fact that she has shells from different seas which her friends had picked up in exotic places for her. They rely on natural colours and forms of nature that retain the charm and splendour of materials. The whole process of collecting, washing , sorting , and finally creating the work of art is what gives them a positively charged energy and a sense of satisfaction.

Through their works , they express themselves , their imaginations , they are not slaves to limits or rules , everything is born as an idea it the creation of the canvas. Their work can be called freedom to work and express themselves. Using both large items as well as shards of clams, mussels and other types of shells. The dimensions can also differ from huge to mere millimetres in size. They work with dental forceps to achieve this precision. Each picture becomes unique even they themselves can not repeat it , so Maria Maneva – Miriam says that nature prompts them to create uniqueness.