„Шепот от морето“ изложба на Петя Мод и Мария Манева – Мириям

A joint exhibition “Sea Whispers” offers unique mosaic paintings and Quilting / paper-art. Come get acquainted with the works of Ms. Mod from Preslav and Maria Maneva – Miriam from Varna. These two ladies will exhibit in Sofia for the first time and you will be able to experience their unique masterpieces. The exhibition will be held from 2 to 8 December.

Petya Mod will amaze you with her unique creativity. Her works of art weave together a variety of materials such as pieces of wood, cinnamon, pencils, ceramics, glass, sand and pebbles. At her fingertips these materials come to life. For most people these perhaps useless items she turns into something valuable. Each picture is unique and coaxes her gentle spirit out, which contrasts with struggle, spirit and strength.Another feature is the great patience and precision, which can be seen from paintings with Quilting. In May, she was invited to take part in the first ever exhibition of Bulgarian mosaic artists in Plovdiv in ‘Синята къща’ (the Blue House). The fact remains that not a single composition remained unsold speaks of its success. People are just fascinated by her talent and creative flair.

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Maria Maneva – Miriam. Her paintings are inspired by the sea. They incorporate natural materials from the beach – different shells, snails, pieces of shells, crushed shells, pebbles and sand. Colour and variety emerge from the colours and shapes that nature offers. Each piece has its own emanation and exoticism. The author will present two techniques applied in the preparation of her works of art. One is a mosaic made entirely and only of sea pebbles with natural colours and shapes the other is a mixed technique where sea elements are the focus of the picture, and the background is created with sand or crushed shells. The author has already displayed her works at three exhibitions. 1. In Jan 2012 participation in a collective exhibition titled “Colors in the snow,” Gallery “Active Art” – Varna 2. In 2013 from 15 July to 30 September – a charity exhibition in the hotel “Marina Grand Beach Resort, Golden Sands and 3. In Oct 2013. Art Salon Radio Varna solo exhibition “A Gift from the Sea”.

These artworks are acknowledged with honor and respect, because they require a lengthy labour of love, first the elements need to be found in nature, then sorted by size and colour, washed and finally adhered with tweezers one by one with great patience. The delight comes from the variety and shades, colours and shapes which for most people remain hidden and inconspicuous in nature.

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You are cordially invited to stop by before December 6 at ‘ателие Пластелин’ (Studio Plasticine) 48 “Tsar Simeon” Street, Sofia. The studio will be open every day from 10h00 to 20h00 . Anyone who wants to experience the magic up close, is welcome!

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