Paintings from the Sea exhibition - Maria Maneva - Mirjam

“Paintings from the Sea” exhibition – Maria Maneva – Mirjam. She visits for the third time the Art Salon of Radio Varna and this is the second and independent exhibition in this gallery. The author presents exotic mosaics of pebbles, mussels and shells. The present exposition has two main themes,
one is the Bulgarian rose, as a symbol of the country and the other is influenced by the Japanese culture, but filled with marine materials – Japanese cherries, cranes and others.

The technique is an applied art with mosaic elements in which natural materials are woven from the sea. The author shares: “I rely on their natural colours, shine and shapes that impart a special colour and charm to the paintings, each with its own emanation, the inspiration comes from the materials themselves, when I see an image in my mind, I see it with specific mussels and pebbles and I’m in a hurry to make it, most of them from our Black Sea coast, which I choose with great pleasure, and also from foreign seas purchased or given to me by friends, I work with great love and patience.

 Paintings from the Sea exhibition - Maria Maneva - MirjamFor the first time, Maria tackled this kind of art in 2008, and three years later she is already doing this. It
gradually became a hobby and became a passion and it is unthinkable to live without it. It brings joy and satisfaction, especially when the customer remains happy and gladly returns for another work of art.
There are paintings abroad. It turns out that interest in sea shells and pebbles was there thousands of
years ago. People have decorated their houses and furniture with them, they have made their panels, and now in many countries it is prestigious to have such kinds of paintings, they just stand out and can not remain unnoticed. Come and enjoy the unique paintings of pebbles, shells and sand! The exposition can be seen until 07 November 2018 (weekdays) from 14:00 to 18:00, Art Salon of Radio Varna.