Първо национално биенале мозайката днес

Stara Zagora hosted the first national biennial “Mosaic today” 2014. Participants made a four-metre panel, which will be exhibited in the youth centre, the building of the former cinema ‘ Zhelyu Dimanov’.

Stara Zagora claims to be among the cities that have preserved the most interesting antique mosaics. At the initiative of a fellow Stara Zagora resident Stoyka Mateva and with the support of the Municipality of Stara Zagora, our city hosts the first national biennial “mosaics today.” In the lobby of the municipality the works of the 11 mosaic artists, who have accepted the invitation to participate in this forum, are being showcased. Ms. Mateva personally thanked the Mayor Zhivko Todorov and Ms Sotirova for their support.

The artists work outdoors, on the square near “Hijata” Restaurant, so anyone who is curious can observe how they work by hand, to create the art form out of stones or ceramic.

Tomorrow night residents of Stara Zagora will be able to see the 4-metre piece of work that will be exhibited in the new youth centre.

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